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Open Consultation on the NPOS2030 Ambition Document

The foundations of the Netherlands National Programme Open Science (NPOS) are rooted in 2017, when the National Plan Open Science was signed by a large group of stakeholders from the Netherlands. The years to follow brought us all kind of developments in the transition to Open Science. Progress has been made in many aspects: more stakeholders joined the NPOS, new aspects of Open Science emerged, and on the international level the European Open Science Could was launched and the UNESCO Recommendation on Open Science has been unanimously adopted by 193 Member States.

Al these developments, and the new insights they brought, are taken into account in this NPOS2030 Ambition document, which will form the first chapters of the new NPOS2030 Programme Description. It includes the NPOS Vision for 2030, Guiding Principles that underlie this Vision, a NPOS Programme Framework and its Key Action Lines. The NPOS2030 Programme will facilitate all national stakeholders to collaborate in realising Open Science, and to implement the Open Science practices in alignment with international initiatives, moving from science ‘as is’ to science ‘as will be’.

In the process of writing this NPOS2030 Ambition Document many stakeholders were already asked to reflect. The NPOS Steering Board and the NPOS Advisory Board share the opinion, that general support within the community is of the utmost importance. Therefore, we seek further feedback on the NPOS2030 Ambitions, before the actions that are going to be carried out through the NPOS Programme are defined.

Download the NPOS2030 Ambition Document

Download the NPOS2030 Ambition Document - Infographics

Download the consultation questions as odt file
(NB: the odt file with the questions is only added here for your convenience; this can be helpful when preparing your response. Do know that only responses submitted via this online portal are taken into account.)

Download de Nederlandse versie van het NPOS2030 Ambitiedocument (werkvertaling)
(NB: dit is een werkvertaling van het in het Engels opgestelde NPOS2030 Ambition Document. In geval van afwijkingen is de Engelse versie leidend.  De definitieve versie van het NPOS2030-programmadocument zal tweetalig verschijnen.)

The questions in this Consultation are the following:
Do you agree with the following elements that are described in the NPOS2030 Ambition Document:
•    The NPOS Guiding Principles;
•    The NPOS Vision for 2030;
•    The Programme Lines and the Requirements;
•    The Key Lines of Action for the Programme Lines;
on the following scale: (1) Strongly disagree, (2) Disagree, (3) Neither agree nor disagree, (4) Agree, (5) Strongly agree.

Furthermore, we appreciate comments and suggestions, so the additional question for each of the four elements is: Do you have comments or suggestions for this element of the Ambition Document? This will help us to make an ambitious national implementation plan for the next decade.

We kindly ask you to respond collectively as a network, organisation or association whenever possible.

Aim of this Consultation and next steps
This Open Consultation aims to give all stakeholders from the Netherlands the opportunity to reflect on the NPOS2030 Ambition Document. The feedback received in this consultation will help the NPOS Steering Board and the Programme Line Leads to start filling in actions for each of the Key Lines of Action for the coming years, thus creating a rolling agenda for the next decade. These actions will be discussed with the relevant stakeholders that will contribute by taking on this action to ensure that the ambitions are met.